Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing can be defined as a process of using videos for either marketing or promoting your service and product. These videos are a part of online marketing campaign. Often these marketing videos are used to explain the services or products that are being sold by your business.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a video has a value of 1.8 million words. It is thus not surprising to find companies moving towards this type of online marketing to reach out to their target audience.

Why video marketing?

As per a study, a whopping 45 % people watch minimum of one video per month. At the same time, internet users are exposed to average of 32 videos every month.

If you are selling products through your site, then videos will be your site's lifeline. A huge number of online shoppers on major e-commerce sites have said that videos a major factor in influencing their buying decision.

Your customers are more likely to remember more of what they saw rather than what they read. No wonder, videos have a high recall value (example: viral videos) that will benefit your business.

Video Marketing in Aurangabad

Besides, videos give you an opportunity to create and give a human face to your business with which your customer will be able to relate to.

One important thing you must know is there are two types of approaches in visual marketing:

  • Marketing with video: This includes videos on your own sites which showcases and explains your services or products.
  • Marketing a video: In this approach, generally an awareness or buzz is created about a service or product. A major example is viral video.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • It can work for any industry.
  • Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is inexpensive.
  • If done correctly, content marketing gives high return on investment (ROI).
  • Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing gives you multiple options through which you can reach and attract your target audience.
  • Helps in establishing a long term and fruitful relation with your customers.
  • It has longer shelf life than the traditional marketing.

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