What is e-Branding

It is defined as creating and developing meaningful online strategies for brands to create a context on the web.These strategies cover a wide range of areas of a business and combine together to achieve business goal. It also helps in effectively reaching to target audience, listening to their problems and solving them.Some of these include, how & where the business will actually interact with its target audience, determining the website design etc.

e-Branding made of following components:


E-branding strategy is a long-term digital plan which covers all online assets of a business and their aspects, to achieve its specific goals.Included in this are website, social media presence and performance monitoring using analytical & monitoring tools.

If you are looking at successfully growing a business online and making it a trustworthy brand in the market (offline and online) then you most definitely require e-Branding.

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ebranding strategy


Search engine optimization helps your website get more visibility and also traffic through natural online search process. It helps you to not only know why your competitors are doing so well but also shows you how you can become better than them. Rightly done SEO results in attracting the right kind of people to your website and who could possibly become your customers.

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Online Marketing

Online marketing is technique which involves using digital channels, platforms, devices (like PC, laptops, mobiles, tablets) for promoting and branding a product or service in real time.

The number of people using internet for personal and professional purpose is increasing. This gives your businesses a golden opportunity to be in front of your target customers 24x7x365.

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Analytics & Monitoring

Running a successful business online is more than just spending big amount of money. It is also very important that you know how your customers found you. It will help your business to innovate and adapt to changing trends.

Whether you want to sell products/services, create awareness & engagement, generate leads or help customers find information, you definitely need analytics. The qualitative aspect of analytics tells you the "Why" of customer behavior which is information gold mine.

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Why you need e-Branding?

The e-branding strategies focus on creating a direct relationship between company and its target audience. If successfully implemented, this would eventually lead to turning the potential customers into actual buying customers.

Digital branding has much more to it than just generating revenue. It also helps your business understand:

  • Customer behavior
  • Customer likes and dislikes
  • Impact of your online assets

Besides, e-branding enables your business to go into unexplored customer segment which the company might not have even considered in the first place. It helps you in:

  • Opening up new revenue sources.
  • Exposes your product or services to newer and wider audience.

One of the major goals of e-branding is to create loyal customers who are also referred as brand ambassadors. It also helps businesses in:

  • Getting in front of the only those people who are interested in their services or products.
  • Develops brand loyalty

Not only that, your business can also:

  • Avoid unnecessary waste of money and time by focusing on these very same set of people and gain profits too.
  • It creates a high brand recall value which is very important any business.

Benefits of e-Branding

  • Creates meaningful engagement with customers
  • Creates meaningful engagement with customers
  • Improves sales (offline & online)
  • Online assets become valuable
  • Expands and improves customer relationship
  • Brand recall value is high

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