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I’m swapnil, an entrepreneur by profession with post graduate degree and an Non-IT guy, has keen interest in the digital marketing. I use to search about various digital marketing courses, all of them ranging the prices of 1k to 10k which depends on the speaker.

All this courses are simply focusing on a particular topic (like SEO, FB ads, SMM etc). It is a bit difficult for me to buy all the courses and learn which eventually needed to spend more Time & Money. I waited for a better course which will match my requirements.

3 months wasted……..

No course which is been matching my need, so i decided to take any one of the course, since i wasted so much of time (i.e.,3 months) then i got a mail from digital Deepak about his internship program launch webinar registration.

I registered and attended the launch webinar, he explained about the internship program, fee structure, how to earn the fee back which we have spent on the internship program (Earning while Learning).His commitment towards the internship program made me to register for the course.

It’s been 6 weeks completed since the course started and i have been learning so many new concepts like

  1. Content Writing
  2. Selecting Niche for a start-up
  3. Customer Avatar
  4. Customer psychology
  5. Website designing tools
  6. Web Hosting
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Search Console
  9. Marketing Automation
  10. Web hooks etc…

This is a 12-week course and we are very proud that we are the First Batch of this kind of Internship Program by Digital Deepak. Now it is your turn to “Learn & Earn” with digital Deepal internship program for Batch-2 which will be commencing soon…..

Just enroll for the launch webinar through this link for FREE



Thank you


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